Project - Portable Control Systems Laboratories

Portable Control Systems Laboratories


Roberto Meléndez
Mohammad Imani Nejad
Jim Zhen Sun


National Instruments, MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

Hands-on laboratory components are crucial for students to grasp the concepts of control systems effectively. However students might not have the opportunity to take part in such labs because of time scheduling and/or equipment constraints. Using the National Instrument MyDAQ as a fundamental building block, the Precision Motion Control Laboratory has developed portable control systems labs. Students can now take the lab hardware home and complete experiments in their dorm room, thus avoiding the normal time constraints of a 2 or 3 hour weekly lab period. The MyDAQ allows the students to utilize a function generator, oscilloscope and even a dynamic signal analyzer in the comfort of their dorm room. Current labs include analog integrator plants, a thermal lab, a mechanical second order system and also a mini magnetic levitator.  To view a copy of our research poster, click here.